SD II 1761


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Hind: 82€ /rull
Tootekood: 1761
Kollektsioon: Scandinavian Designers II
Tootja: Boråstapeter
Pikkus/Laius: 10.05 m x 53 cm
Mustrisamm: 53 cm
Mustrijooks: half drop
Materjal: non-woven

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Design by Stig Lindberg.
A pattern from the large, playful collection that Stig Lindberg composed for an exhibition at NK (the Nordic Company) in 1947. The managing director, Astrid Sampe fell in love with the pattern to such a degree that she had it turned into a dress. Stig Lindberg then made a necklace and bracelet of porcelain flowers for the dress that is now on display at the Nordic Museum.