Kodulõhn “Amber & Lavender”


Lõhn: Rikkaliku ja peene tsitruselise tooniga bergamott, sidrun, troopikaline ananass ja värske õun miksitud roosi ja musta pipra vürtsiga.

The Scent: With a rich and sophisticated opening of citrus notes including bergamot, lemon, tropical pineapple and fresh apple mixed with nuances of rose and spicy highlights of black pepper. The herbal heart combines classic lavender with rosemary, sage, patchouli and amber. The musky, sweet base closes with mossy notes.

GMO Free (GMO Vaba)
Palm Oil Free (Palmiõli Vaba)
Does not contain ingredients which are tested on animals
Highly fragranced throughout
Handmade in UK

Dimensions: 65mm (h) x 26.5mm (w)
Burn Time: 8-12 weeks

2 laos